Ventura Beach Wedding

Normally, a January wedding in Southern California shouldn't be that bad when it comes to the weather. But, a wedding in the midst of all the El Niño warnings? On a beach? Sure, we said. We were skeptical. Yet, we braced the challenge, packed up our gear and left on a 400 mile journey from Northern California to photograph Shaina & Josh's Wedding at Ventura Beach and the Ventura Beach Marriott. We love it when we can capture outdoor photos with some drama in the sky. Clouds, whether dark, filled with rain or white and fluffy are most welcome in our pictures. They make for a great backdrop. Least to say, the wedding turned out absolutely gorgeous! The skies parted, the rain stopped and it felt like God saying, "here you go! I'll give you some sun and some clouds. Go ahead! Have your wedding!" And we said, YES! Thank God! Let's dive into the photos and see how it all unfolded.

We love taking photos of all the little details involved in the wedding. Here's just a few...

Wedding Details-Ventura Beach Wedding

Shaina is beautiful, inside and out! Her love for Josh, her family and friends was apparent all throughout the day. You could see it in her gorgeous smile :)

Shaina-makeup-Ventura Beach Wedding
Getting Ready-Ventura Beach Marriott
Shaina-Make up-Ventura Beach Marriott
Ventura Beach Marriott Wedding

Shaina had the best bridesmaids! They had so much fun "doll-ing" her up.

Bridesmaids-Ventura Beach Marriott Wedding

A special moment shared between Shaina and her mom. Mom wanted to make sure every accessory on her daughter was perfect and nothing was out of place. How special!

mom-and-bride-Ventura Beach Marriott Wedding

Shaina, ready to get married :)

bride-Ventura Beach Marriott Wedding
bride-blackandwhite-Ventura Beach Marriott Wedding

We can't forget the handsome groom. This is Josh. We loved his style... those curls and the beard! He went a bit retro in his suit choice and it perfectly complemented his personality.

groom-getting ready-Ventura Beach Marriott Wedding
groom-Ventura Beach Marriott Wedding

Here comes the bride...

bride-and-dad-Ventura Beach Wedding

Let the Ceremony begin!

Ceremony-Ventura Beach Wedding
Ventura Beach Wedding

And... they're married!!!

first-kiss-Ventura Beach Wedding

SO MUCH ENERGY on that dance floor!

dancing-Ventura Beach Marriott Wedding

Josh had made cut outs of him and Shaina and set up a photo booth for guests to take pictures with the couple (at least the cut outs of the couple). What a great idea!

photo booth-Ventura Beach Marriott Wedding

As we mentioned in the beginning of the post, the sky with clouds providing texture and drama provided a perfect backdrop for such romantic portrait of the couple right after their ceremony.

couple on beach-Ventura Beach Wedding
couple-blackandwhite-Ventura Beach Wedding
romantic wedding-Ventura Beach Wedding
happy couple-Ventura Beach Wedding
Sunset-couple-Ventura Beach Wedding
dramatic sky-Ventura Beach Wedding

Photography: Ashesh & Jen Satvedi, Satvedi Photography

Make up: Taryn Reed, Makeup by Taryn

Wedding Décor: Tina Brett, Beachside Memories

Ceremony Music: Florentino Martinez

Reception Venue: Marriott, Ventura Beach

Music and Sound: Dj Kenny Desai

Catering: Delhi Palace ( La Puente)