Married: Betty & Alex {Regale Winery, Los Gatos, CA}

From the very first time we met Betty and Alex over a FaceTime call we connected. There is an energy that this beautiful couple gives out that is just captivating and infectious. That's right... down right infectious! Their smiles can warm a heart and their laughs are more than capable to brighten someone's day. They did just that for us. We laughed with them from our first meeting till the end of their wedding day!

Through Betty and Alex, we have also discovered a San Francisco Bay Area hidden gem-Regale Winery! This gorgeous and charming winery, located in Los Gatos, CA provided the perfect backdrop for this enchanting vineyard wedding. If you ever get to visit this winery you'll notice that it is surrounded by lush green hills, the grounds are well groomed, the wine is delicious and the staff knows how to take care of their guests!

The rain on the wedding day made setting even more enchanting and dreamy!

Regale Winery
Regale Winery

All the little details added a special touch and a flare to the wedding.

Wedding Details

And Betty and Alex, in their wedding day best, looked drop dead gorgeous!

Betty & Alex Wedding

The rain stopped just long enough to have an outdoor standing ceremony. How special is that?

Regale Winery Wedding
Regale Winery Wedding
Regale Winery Wedding

And... they're married :)

Regale Winery Wedding
Regale Winery Wedding
Regle Winery Wedding

Every bite of the food served at the wedding was DELICIOUS! Thanks to Feast For A King catering.

The fabulous reception began with the lavish dinner, hilarious speeches, and a very special first dance.

Regale Winery Wedding
Regale Winery Wedding

The dance floor is open!!!

Regale Winery Wedding

We ended the night with some romantic nights shots under the string lights :)

Regale Winery Wedding
Regale Winery Wedding

Photography: Satvedi Photography (Jen & Ashesh Satvedi, Brian MacStay)

Venue: Regale Winery & Vineyards

Florist: Christina from Aces Florist

Cake: Margaret's French Bakery

Catering: Feast For A King

Officiant: Deacon Jesse Cottonham

DJ: Andrew Rivas, Sound In Motion Entertainment Group

Solo Guitarist: Hood Chatham

Shuttle Service: Santa Cruz Experience

Hotel: Toll House Hotel


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